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    We have the production, category, and brand building expertise your brand needs to develop new products from an idea, to on-shelf.

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    A core group of highly skilled, vastly experienced and proven individuals in R&D, flavor innovation and finished product formulation.

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    With passion, innovation and intuitive understanding necessary to form flavor development, we can take projects from ideation to commercialization.

Who We Are

We are true flavor professionals.

We are a core group of highly skilled, vastly experienced and proven individuals in R&D, flavor innovation, manufacturing, production and finished product formulation. With passion, innovation and intuitive understanding necessary to form flavor development, we can take projects from the ideation stage to finished products. We have production, category and brand building expertise.

Flavor Team

We specialize in flavor innovations and development.

The Flavor Insights flavor team works its magic inside a state-of-the-art West Coast facility specializing in innovation and development of flavor and product architecture. The renovated 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Benicia, CA is optimized to oversee every aspect of the refined process: spray dry, plating, and liquid flavor manufacturing.


A little about our flavor team: Greg Pickett, former CEO & Founder of CytoSport, Inc., formulator of Muscle Milk and founder and Chairman of Flavor Insights. Greg has nearly 50 years in product formulation with an emphasis in protein architecture and taste. Pickett enjoyed overseeing the formulation and product development side of the CytoSport business for many years. The flavor, taste and organoleptic properties of beverages have always been a keen interest, and FI was born from a desire to apply that passion as an active contributor in the space.


Pickett leads the FI Sensory Evaluation Committee, working alongside industry veterans with over twenty years of experience to provide oversight in flavor development.


Pickett is joined at Flavor Insights by his two children, Nikki Brown and Michael Pickett. The family worked together to found and grow CytoSport for nearly 20 years – from its first retail offering of Cytomax, then Muscle Milk and until its acquisition to Hormel in 2014.


Michael was one-time President and CEO, and most recently oversaw sales for the business’s specialty division. As Chief Marketing Officer, Nikki oversaw all aspects of the brand’s outbound communication and customer facing efforts – including events, advertising, packaging, promotions, and new product launches.


The family, working together again, brings with them all of their key learnings and best practices from CytoSport and is enjoying building a new company that leverages their specialized, unmatched experiences and successes.


Richard J. Grame, a licensed pharmacist with a dual degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science also works alongside Pickett on the Sensory Evaluation Committee. Richard has worked in the industry for over 40 years. He entered as a trainee, became a flavor chemist and eventually started and ran his own flavor company, Western Flavors and Fragrances. He sold his business and now consults in the space.

Our Difference

Proven experience in taste formulation.

We’ve built some of the most successful, innovative and recognizable national brands in the protein enhanced, value added, functional food and beverage categories. We believe you need to “lean forward” to see the future. We understand flavor systems from a formulation prospective. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve been the customer.

We Can Help

Ideation to commercialization... we've got you covered.

We can help you understand the lifestyle trends of customers.

We can help you define and redefine new product ideas.

We can help reformulate or refocus your present portfolio of food and beverage products.

We can help make your products superior tasting.

We can help you explore natural offerings, in an effort to make your products healthier, and on trend.

Our Facility

Our facility meets FDA, NSF and cGMP standards.

Flavor Insights Plant Certifications

State of California Food Manufacturing Registration
DHHS/ FDA Facility Registration
Kosher Certification
Halal Compliant
Organic Certified
Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certified


Let us help you get a fresh start.

Sensory and Application with Pilot Scale-Up Capability


With extensive industry expertise and vast knowledge of food technology, our sensory and application teams can help you take products from ideation to commercialization with premium flavor systems. Our advanced, pilot, scale-up spray dryers can duplicate conditions that will be encountered during full production.

  • Powder Flavor

    With spray dry and ribbon blended powder flavors, stability, flavor strength, flowability and moisture are central to our systems. Our dual blending process provides the homogenous particle size needed for natural and natural and artificial powder flavors.

  • Liquid Flavor

    Water, oil soluble, alcohol extracts, fruit flavors, and UHT stable flavors, in natural and natural and artificial categories.

  • Encapsulated Spray Dry Flavor

    With pilot and full scale drying options, and Clean in Place, our spray dry processing provides efficient, state of the art technology from the lab to scale-up resulting in stable flavor systems specific to the application.


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